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WIMBLEDON PLANTATION SHUTTERS – Incredible beauty for your windows – both from inside and outside. Now you can have the most stunning window covering anywhere in West London, Surrey, and Middlesex!

Especially handcrafted for you using only of the finest materials.













Woodlore® MDF Plantation Shutters

  • Crafted from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) - a mix of wood fibres and resins which produces a product stronger than any wood.

    Real wood, but with added strength and resilience.
  • Looks like wood. Feels like wood. But able to withstand extreme temperature changes

    The hottest July sun or the coldest February snow will have no effect.
  • Huge selection of designs and colours

    Every shutter is hand-made to your express order
  • Your windows will be the envy of your friends and family

    A limitless choice of colours and patterns. Your windows will be unique.

Lifetime® ABS Plantation Shutters

  • Created from a man-made thermoplastic which resists extreme temperatures

    ABS Shutters are guaranteed to resist extremes of temperature.
  • Resists the UV rays of the sun

    Colours will not fade over the years
  • Lightweight, but with amazing strength

    Beauty and strength as standard.
  • Your windows will never have looked as stunning as this

    Hand-crafted by artisans for sheer perfection.

Richmond® Wooden Shutters

  • Using only a mix of sustainable hardwoods

    An extra-strong MDF frame with real wooden panels on every shutter.
  • Cannot warp or twist over the years

    Kiln-dried hardwoods ensure longevity.
  • Tilt rods are fixed to every louvre

    Enables the shutters to be opened and closed with one hand.
  • Your choice of different panel colours

    Complements the décor of your room.

Sussex® Wooden Plantation Shutters

  • Custom made to your requirements

    Crafted from hardwoods grown in sustainable forests
  • Hand-made in our workshops by artisans

    Using mortise and tenon joinery – the strongest timber joints known to man.
  • Made from quarter-sawn timber

    Far stronger than any flat-sawn wood.
  • Made from nothing but the finest hardwoods

    Treated with prescription wood conditioning to ensure a lifetime of use.

Woodlore® Plantation Shutters - crafted from MDF - All of the beauty of real wood, but guaranteed to be even stronger.

Very lightweight, Lifetime® ABS Plantation Shutters will last for as long as your home does.

Using a mixture of sustainable hardwoods that are quarter-sawn, producing a linear grain ideal for a sparkling painted finish.

Nothing but real hardwood crafted by hand in our workshops to produce the ultimate in window shutters.

Why Choose Lifetime® Shutters?

Hand-built by traditional craftsmen in any style you can imagine!


Full Height Shutters

Cover the window from top to bottom in separate sections, each with its’ own tilt rod. If the window is tall there will usually be a mid-rail.


Café Style Shutters

These only cover the bottom half of the window leaving the upper half open. Great for preventing prying eyes from outside, while still letting maximum light into the room.


Tier on Tier Shutters

Like two café style shutters one above the other. Allows total flexibility for opening and shutting in any combination.


Solid Panels Shutters

Complete privacy and near blackout conditions. Nobody can see through these, and they also reduce external noise levels to the minimum possible.


Special Shapes Shutters

Lifetime® Shutters can be built to accommodate any shape or size of window, no matter how unusual


Commercial Shutters

Built by hand in our workshops, commercial shutters can be designed to your specification for any type of business or industrial application.

Finest Quality

Lifetime® Shutters customers deserve nothing short of the best

Wide Choice Of Styles

Shutters in any design you wish

Truly Affordable

Like for like, our prices are the lowest

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ensures peace of mind

Very Low Maintenance

Occasional cleaning is all that is required

Energy Efficient

Keep your electricity bills down

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A Wide Choice Of Options With Lifetime® Windows

Windows can be crafted in many different styles and materials


Casement Window


Sash Window


Tilt And Turn Window

Lifetime® Sliding Sash Windows

  • Every Window Built By Hand To Your Requirements

    Lifetime® sliding sash windows can be made with one or two sliding sashes for maximum ventilation. Choose your frames in wood or uPVC and select single, double, or even triple glazing. A choice of different fittings and colours to complement your décor.
  • Lifetime® Sliding Sash Windows Will Transform The Kerb Appeal Of Your Home

    » Maximum security as standard, with shoot-bolt locks, key-locking handles, and toughened glass.
    » Totally draught-free, yet slide open easily and smoothly.
    » Double or triple glazing, keeping down outside noise and saving on energy bills.
    » Add cottage bars for that traditional look.

Lifetime® Casement Windows

  • Windows Are Hand-Built In UPVC Or Wood Using Your Choice Of Glass

    Casement windows open fully to allow maximum fresh air and sunlight into your home. The window frames can be in your choice of wood or uPVC and you can select from a range of different colours and styles. Hinges can be fitted at the side or the top, and double or triple glazing can be installed to keep down external noise and save energy.
  • Reduce The Cost Of Those Energy Bills!

    » Keep electricity bills down by choosing A+ glass or triple glazing.
    » We use toughened glass for security as well as providing shoot-bolt locks and key-locking handles.
    » Double or triple glazing reduces outside noise to a minimum.
    » Cottage bars can “split” the panes and provide that traditional look.

Lifetime® Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Hand-Built By Craftsmen Using Your Choice Of Frames and Glass

    Tilt and turn windows are totally flexible. They can be tilted to let in a small amount of fresh air or opened wide when the weather is warm. Frames can be of uPVC, wood, or aluminium, and may be double or triple glazed as you wish.
  • Built By Hand In Our Workshops To Your Precise Specifications

    » Tilt inwards for fresh air, or open fully in warm weather.
    » Easy cleaning from inside the room. Save on those window-cleaner’s bills.
    » Your choice of frame materials and colours.
    » Maximum security with shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles, and toughened glass as standard.
    » Maximum energy efficiency with double or triple glazing.
    » Keeps down exterior noise.

Woodlore® MDF Shutters give you all of the benefits and appearance of real wood without the price tag. MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) is made from recycled wood fibres mixed with resins. This produces a composite material which outperforms wood in many ways. It is stronger than wood alone and is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity.

Woodlore® MDF Plantation shutters are hand-built in our workshops by skilled craftsmen using your choice of style, frame design, and colour. The finish that is used contains an ultra-violet inhibitor which means that your shutters won’t fade from strong sunlight. The shutters won’t warp, chip, or crack, and are virtually maintenance free, needing only dusting and an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth.

Every Woodlore® MDF Plantation shutter undergoes no less than 25 different quality control checks at different stages of manufacture. This makes certain that your shutters are built to last and enables us to provide you with our limited lifetime warranty.

You can have your choice of different frame designs and panel colours to ensure that your finished shutters are unique to your home. The number of possible permutations is virtually limitless.

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Our Lifetime® ABS Plantation Shutters are manufactured using a man-made thermoplastic polymer which is extremely tough and will withstand the heat of the sun, and impact from pets or small children.

These shutters are hand-built incorporating your choice of frame and panel designs, together with a range of colours and hardware patterns, which will result in shutters that sit well with your room décor and are unique.

Richmond® Shutters are manufactured to the same unbeatable high standards as are all our other shutters, but with these we have used our in-depth knowledge of shutter manufacturing to combine our Woodlore® MDF frames with basswood panels. This produces shutters of top quality which are at the same time great value for money.

The panels are manufactured using our top grade, quarter-sawn, and kiln dried laminated basswood. This results in panels which have a very even grain, ensuring a consistent finish combined with strength and rigidity. As basswood is light in weight it allows considerable flexibility when crafting shutters for larger windows, since the weight affects the amount of window that can be covered without requiring additional support.

Our basswood panels are manufactured using a special machine which produces finger joints which are considerably smaller than those of other shutter manufacturers, and also permits us to use off-cuts which naturally keeps the cost down.

The frames of Richmond® Plantation Shutters are exactly the same as those in our Woodlore® range of shutters utilising Medium Density Fibreboard. This produces an extremely strong frame which is finished in a special poly coating which is resistant to staining, scuffing, chipping, cracking, and fading. These MDF frames are made from 90% reclaimed wood fibres.

Natural wood is one of the finest materials it is possible to have in the home, and our Sussex® Wooden Plantation Shutters offer great versatility. They can be produced in your choice of our range of different paint colours, but they can also be stained and polished to the gloss of a piece of fine antique furniture. Top and bottom rails can be hand-carved by our artisans to any design of your choice, there are a number of different handle and hinge options, and there is a selection of different frame styles. Sussex® Wooden Plantation Shutters can be built to fit any type and shape of window.

Every shutter is subject to no less than 25 quality control checks covering each stage of the manufacturing process, so you can be confident that they will fit your windows perfectly.

Our Sussex® Wooden Plantation Shutters are built to last a lifetime and every one carries our unique limited lifetime guarantee.