At Lifetime® Shutters we treat every customer as the most important customer we have. Nothing is too good for our customers and our aim is never just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them every time. It is because we are so customer-driven that we have become the leading UK shutter manufacturer over the course of the last 13 years.
Your shutters are hand-crafted by artisans in our state-of-the-art workshops to your exact design requirements using traditional methods handed down over the generations. At the same time we are at the forefront of new technology and incorporate the latest techniques into our production methods.
During the manufacturing process, every shutter undergoes no fewer than 25 different quality control checks. This ensures that your shutters are a perfect fit for your windows and will grace them for many years to come.

Lifetime® Plantation Shutters- Always One Step Ahead

Lifetime® Shutters craftsmen are artisans. They take the greatest pride in producing shutters that they would be happy to install in their own homes. Attention to detail and passion for perfection is in the blood. Only premium hardwoods are ever used for our shutters and these are selected from a very small number of timber importers.
Combined with prescription wood conditioning and mortise and tenon joinery, with hand-finishing at every stage, we produce shutters of impeccable taste and appearance that are fit for royalty. Every shutter carries the Lifetime® Shutters limited lifetime warranty.

Only the very finest quality is good enough for Lifetime® Shutters customers. Our Sussex® range of wooden plantation shutters is hand-built using nothing but the very best basswood and other hardwoods which are hand-selected from a small number of trusted timber merchants to ensure an exceptional level of performance.
Our craftsmen take a great pride in their work, using traditional skills that have been handed down through the generations combined with the very latest technological advances.
Every shutter that we produce is designed from the beginning to complement your room décor and the style of your windows in a manner like no other. Lifetime® Shutters customers choose their own frame and panel designs, select hardware styles and colours, and we then bring your ideas to life ensuring that your shutters are nothing short of unique.
Lifetime® Shutters are an investment in your home that will only appreciate over time. You can enjoy their sheer beauty for years in the knowledge that if you ever wish to sell your home you will make a substantial return on your investment.

Lifetime® Shutters - A Home Improvement Beyond Compare

Lifetime® Shutters are available at different price points to suit every pocket. The intricacy of design required by the customer together with the materials chosen will have a bearing on the cost. Whichever type of shutter you select, you can be certain that you will receive shutters of a quality unequalled anywhere.
Every Lifetime® Shutter is covered by our limited lifetime limited warranty.

As with anything, the quality of timber can vary. The very best type of wood is that which is quarter-sawn since it produces wood of greater strength combined with straightness of grain.
The process of quarter sawing commences by cutting the logs lengthwise into quarters. Each quarter is then tipped up on to its’ point and cut along its’ axis. This produces wood with the annual growth rings perpendicular to the faces, and results in grain lines that are straight and wood that is stronger than flat-sawn timbers. There is far less chance of the wood twisting, warping, or cupping.
Lifetime® Shutters are built using mortise and tenon joints. These are the strongest joints in woodworking and will tolerate the stresses and strains that are put upon shutters.
Every single piece of wood used in Lifetime® Shutters is subject to a process of sanding using ever finer grades of sandpaper. This results in opening the pores of the wood and produces a completely smooth surface. The wood is then coated with a paint or fine quality stain selected by the customer and finished with an ultra-violet resistant top coat to prevent any fading in the sunlight.

At the Forefront Of Technology

At Lifetime® Shutters much of the construction work is carried out using traditional methods which have been handed down through the generations. However, we constantly examine new technologies and incorporate the best of them into our processes in order to ensure that our customers receive shutters that cannot be equalled anywhere else.

Lifetime® Shutters are crafted using our Prescription Wood Conditioning. This involves visiting your home area and calculating the average humidity, since humidity varies from one area to another.
The wood that is to be used for your shutters is then kiln-dried to match that precise humidity. This ensures that your shutters will perform perfectly, will close with no gaps, and will remain that way without warping, bending, or twisting.
The wood that is to be used for your plantation shutters is then carefully dried to match that exact humidity. This ensures that your plantation shutters will close tightly and without any gaps and will remain that way for your lifetime. Wood has a tendency to deform, but we overcome this by using a combination of reinforced wood stiles with multiple layers that are bonded with heat, pressure, and a proprietary chemical.

Service That Cannot Be Surpassed

Not only are Lifetime® Shutters produced with love and attention to detail, but we ensure that our service is outstanding at every level. From initial survey to completion of installation, everything is handled by our own in-house teams.
We ensure that we keep to delivery and installation dates, and our installation teams are polite and cheerful. We guarantee that you will be over the moon with your new shutters.

Lifetime® Shutters can be made to fit any shape of window, no matter how unusual, with operable louvres and panels that can be opened for window cleaning.
Sliding wooden shutters have a track system, and can be used as room dividers.
Shutters for French doors re provided with cut-outs for handle and doorknob access.
Speciality shapes to fit curves, round, or oval windows.